End of 2019 student concert

2019 ended very well for Symphony for Life. Our program has taken off and we are sustaining good progress with lots of appreciation and enthusiasm for the project. It is exciting to see the engagement of the parents in the learning which means a wonderful sense of community is starting to develop.

The final concert for the year was held at the Reg Byrne Community Centre at Wentworthville. It demonstrated musical progress and collaboration, with the teachers, students and parents all feeling pride in the achievements of the students.

We embarked on our first music camp at the end of January 2020. We aimed to give the students a musical experience which was diverse and fun with percussion and singing as well as technical and orchestral instruction as the focus. St Andrews College at the University of Sydney hosted the events, allowing the children to work in a new and beautiful space. We hope this experience has further motivated them to work hard and experience the joy that music brings.

Through music we can build better communities. This is our aim and passion.

Karen Carey, Member, SFL Program Committee