Symphony for Life Orchestras – from 2017 to February 2020

Our program first got off the ground in Wentworthville in September 2017 when the first students came to be sized up for instruments. Some of those students are still with us, some have moved on and many more have joined us. It has been two years marked by growth: our teachers have grown as a team, our students have grown as musicians, and our program has grown into a fully-fledged string orchestra with a group of young beginners not far behind!

Looking back to 2019 and looking forward to SOON

Some Symphony for Life kids and parents saw two fantastic orchestras in 2019. Live. In person.
They had free tickets to brilliant concerts by the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
Our children are learning to play the instruments of the orchestra and they have their own beginning orchestras. But most of the children and their parents had never heard a live performance by a professional orchestra.

End of 2019 student concert

2019 ended very well for Symphony for Life. Our program has taken off and we are sustaining good progress with lots of appreciation and enthusiasm for the project. It is exciting to see the engagement of the parents in the learning which means a wonderful sense of community is starting to develop.