The Symphony for Life Orchestra on show for all to see

Following the summer camp, we spent the next two terms riding with the energy from camp, slowly building our repertoire to the point where we can truly handle a real gig off our own merit. Our end of term 2 concert, which is normally the main event, became a sort-of dress rehearsal for our first foray into the REAL WORLD. On Saturday 9th July we turned Centre Court at Westfield Parramatta into our own concert hall. We had four twenty-minute shows spaced throughout the day – phew – and we gained experience and growth as an ensemble that would take years to reproduce from one-off concerts. Not even the pros do more than two shows a day! Each performance topped the last one, and audiences were crowding around 5 levels looking down and soaking up the music.

Watch out for more shows coming up soon. Our orchestra will perform at a fundraising concert at St Paul’s Church at Burwood at 3pm on Saturday 3rd September and at St Patrick’s Cathedral at Parramatta at 2pm on Sunday 16th October. These concerts will feature Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No 4 as well as music for flute and harp and the Symphony for Life Orchestra. We will showcase our children’s orchestra alongside professional musicians who will donate their time to support the work of Symphony for Life.

Christopher Bennett, Director of Programs and Karen Carey, Board Member, Program Committee