Symphony for Life – program update

After a long period of being apart, it was wonderful for the children to return to rehearsing together. Christopher Bennett our Director of Programs, introduces you to some of the players.

Individual lessons and rehearsing together

The children did very well last year to continue practicing alone at home, supported by online lessons. Their commitment – and their parents’ – was incredible. They were very pleased to return to in-person rehearsals a few months ago and the introduction of individual tuition at the end of last year is really making a difference, with the students making must faster progress in terms of musical skills. Importantly, after such a long time without the opportunity to perform in public, we are planning a perfomance during Term 3 (COVID permitting of course). On this note, the performance with feature a piece of music that we have commissioned especially for the students.  The composer, Emma Greenhill, has written three parts to the piece, which are; “The Bengal Tiger”, “The Golden Silk Orb Spider” and “The Kookaburra”. This will be the first time it will be performed anywhere in the world and we’re sure it will be brilliant!

We want to thank all our supporters who have helped us through this difficult time, especially the City of Parramatta Council and the teachers and staff at Darcy Road Public School.  A special mention needs to be made to our music tutors who, without complaint or difficulty, moved seamlessly to individual online (Zoom) lessons during the lockdown.  They not only kept the program going, but importantly, kept the students motivated to continue learning during the pandemic.

New intake for Wentworthville

We will be taking another intake this year – shortly in Term 3 – at our main site of Wentworthville. The plan is to start with about 30 children in Years 1 and 2 (ages 6 and 7) from the local primary schools.  The significance of this intake is that we are changing our program so that instead of starting immediately with string instruments, the students will now enjoy two terms of the Orff Schulwerk approach to music education . The Orff approach includes percussion, singing, dance and movement, which we consider to be an excellent introducion to music education.  We have already purchased the Orff instruments (xylophones) and we can’t wait to begin this exciting new start to our program.  After these two terms, the students will then move to the strings and form their own orchetsra, start individual tuition and begin orchestral rehearsals. 

New program in Glebe/Ultimo/Pyrmont

We are excited to be launching a new program in Term 4 2021, for 36 children in the Glebe/Ultimo/Pyrmont area. As with the intake at Wentworthville, we will begin with two terms of Orff classes and then move to strings. We are currently working on staffing and also with the local community and schools on venues and participants. We are very grateful to both The Star Entertainment Group and City of Sydney Council for helping to fund this project.